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Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: November 14, 2015, 09:33:37 pm »
The sun was bearing down on a bandit technical sitting on top of a sandy cliff. Sitting on top was a snoozing teenage girl's feet were up and was snoring, quite loudly.Suddenly, her ECHO recorder began to static and play a warning message from the caravan moving through.
"That's my cue!" She said waking up. Turning the technical on, she stomped on the gas sending the vehicle off the cliff towards the road to where, as expected, the caravan and the two guarding vehicles were. She rammed the first guard technical at a full speed sending it flipping off the road. The second vehicle began to open fire at Gaige's as she quickly hopped out. She hid behind her burning vehicle (which was blocking the path of the caravan) and rose her robotic arm in the air summoning a large mech. It immediately flew up and began to fire electricity, heat lasers at the vehicle while taking swipes at it. In a few seconds the second technical erupted in flames sending bandits left and right. "I love you bot!" Gaige shouted out in victory. The driver of the van quickly surrendered everything he was carrying as Gaige hopped up on top and began to loot whatever valuables were in the chests.