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Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: November 14, 2015, 10:32:43 pm »
Gears clanked and pistons hissed as the seal was released on the chest strapped to the van as it's lid split horizontally open to reveal a distinct purple glow from within. While disappointing in some respect that it didn't hold any new shiny guns for her but the chest seemed to be loaded to the gills with raw Eriduim. Taped to the underside of the lid was a note. Clearly written by bandits who only learned about the concept of writing through latrine graffiti where distorted symbols that in a nutshell deciphered too:
"Gimme Gimme the Green"

On a farther side of the spectrum:
Staring at the wreckage left behind by his associate and her psychopathic robot he scoped out the wreckage to ensure his projected lack of survivors. Granted...
...This was not how he'd expected this to go by a longshot, but bringing a sledgehammer to surgery sometimes has it's own merits, at least she stopped the caravan.
"There was a good plan/ disregarded by small girl. Or just forgotten." he sardonically quipped to himself."
Farther in the opposing distance he spotted a small craft. Not a regular car but the ugly shade of yellow plastering it's futuristic frame was plain as day through the scope.
"No time to ogle. Time fo-"

Roaring over the hill at the sound of the commotion and cutting off the assasin's words came two other technicals. One driver in a fit of surprise mistook the gas peddle for the brakes and came hurtling towards the giant floating robotic torso. The midget astride his hood covering his face and bracing for impact while the second technical had more luck skidding to a stop.
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