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Re: Haiku's and Steel
« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2016, 01:09:47 am »
There was a blur of semi transparent blue around the cyborg's form, his shield sparking to life and soaking the initial shotgun blast. Nearly cracking with the added impact of Twist's rifle shot.
However, at the range their assailant was standing, perhaps a shotgun was not the best selection of weapon, even if Moxxi's crafted and literal firearm accurized with each passing shot, the stray ballistics hitting the sand around the target to create a blistering storm of sand a midst the gunfire, briefly obscuring the target before the spread began to tighten with a second, third, and forth shot.

However, there was no sound of lead against shields or steel with any following lead slung in it's direction. Within the cloud of sand there was a muted *Thwoomp* to accompany the bluish spot of light that sprung to life and died within nearly the same instant, a similar flash of blue glinting in the sides of their vision with the appearance of their foe next to their vehicles.
"Gotcha, bandits."
Bearing his weapon at them from the undefended right flank, having simply sprung into existance behind their now useless cover, the twin barrels of his olive and yellow pistol rotated into action as he opened fire.