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Dead Sands / Haiku's and Steel
« on: November 14, 2015, 08:34:36 pm »
As usual, the Sands was hot.
Sweltering even for those unaccustomed to it and driving most to seek shade at the apex of Pandora's short day cycles. However, this was not the case for one individual.
The sun overhead had barely begun to wane as it hung high in the sky, bathing the sea of dusty brown and jagged rocks in an unforgiving heat. Forcing a black and grey figure to relocate as it's echo device beeped, an alarm for something he had yet to see from his vantage on a craggy outcropping of sun baked and wind beaten stone.
Although he/she/it (the form fitting and obscuring suit and helmet making a distinction impossible) had little expectation of being seen, it was a force of habit to move to a new spot as the sun illuminated his previous scouting position.

With a hearty sigh the word: "BORED" flashed briefly into life in front of his face as he began to wonder if his trip was for nothing.

Mercifully, upon reaching a suitable location the deep but distant sounds of a growling motor rose above the subtle winds. Reaching down, the digi-struct module attached to the belt on his hip sparked to life. The device emanated a high pitched drone as it worked it's figurative magic by forming the grip, stock, receiver, and long barrel of an angular sniper rifle in his hands. Nestling the barrel against a nook of stone the figure stared down the scope of his weapon to get a look at whatever was coming.
Arriving ten minutes later then expected, a caravan trundled over the far hills into view.  While a common thing to rob in this place, figure adjusting his scope was neither here to rob or protect it but it was the item of it's interest and long wait.

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