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Charactes / Willhel-M 2.0
« on: December 08, 2015, 12:25:32 pm »
Name: NA [Designation: Willhel-M 2.0]
Gender: Male
Race: Human/clone [Highly augmented cyborg]
Affiliation: Hyperion Corporation

Action Skill:
Personal fast travel nexus.
[Allows continual short range teleportation and long range after calculation 'charging' time]
The exact science behind this piece of hardware is still under development and was, in fact, discovered by accident when a researcher in the wildlife preserve was exposed to slag moments before entering the fast travel to Helios. While she survived the trip, she soon suffocated to death in the vacuum of space after spontaneously teleporting outside the hull of the orbital moon base, mid conversation about her retirement plans.
After much time in research and failure to understand the reality and genetic distorting powers of slag and eredium, the prototype device was constructed. Currently there is only one in existence as all attempts to replicate the device have ended in glorious failure and horrific mutation, Hyperion swiftly abandoning the project until they can find some worthwhile researchers they care less about then normal.

History/notable features:
Lab grown from the cells of the mighty yet defeated Wilhelm, like his forebear his body is now far more machine then man, assuming the position of his now dead 'parent' as one of Hyperion's top badasses. However, with the introduction and integration of the personal fast travel nexus into his body, he is a much more capable rapid response unit to unexpected situations. Teleporting down to the surface and handling problems deemed worth his time.
Like the original, his body is alarmingly more receptive to mechanical augmentation then the common man. The urge to become more then man a near addiction, showing in the sheer extent of his body mods making up more of his body then his natural flesh.
While he could have been turned into the hulking menace that was the original Wilhelm, Hyperion decided on a different approach, and creating their own Vault Hunter.
Vault Hunter's already murder bandits left and right... just not the ones that really matter.
Something that can be easily remedied with Willhel-M 2.0.

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