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Dead Sands / Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: December 12, 2015, 09:57:56 am »
"That voice... Where have I heard that from... where have I heard it from." Gaige shook her head and focused on the enemy. "Zer0 I might need a little help here. This dude reminds me of Wilhelm."
Gaige fired the shotgun rapidly until the ammo was dry. She popped the clip out on top and immediately began loading a new one again.

Dead Sands / Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: December 10, 2015, 06:44:59 pm »
"Twist... Get behind the bandit technical." Gaige digi-structed Miss Moxxi'd Heartbreaker (shotgun) and aimed directly at Wilhel-M."Things are going to be messy if you don't turn around and leave!" She called out to the mysterious figure.

Dead Sands / Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: December 08, 2015, 03:47:43 pm »
Gaige flinched and turned around.
"Hey... who are you?" She closed the chest on top as Deathtrap gripped the box and placed it on Gaige's technical. "You know I never thought I would become a famous Vault Hunter."

Dead Sands / Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: November 24, 2015, 07:58:07 pm »
"Zer0 can you take a loot at that... vehicle in  the distance. It looks weird man." Gaige squinted at it. She reloaded her weapons before hopping back on top of the caravan to look at the loot once more, while staying alert.

Rules and Information / Making an Account for the Forum and Shoutbox
« on: November 21, 2015, 07:45:52 pm »
I may have posted this somewhere already but I want to put it in it's own thread.
You don't need to use a real email to register for an account on t his forum. However, the username or displayed username should be the name of your character. If you want to use multiple characters, you need to make separate accounts. Again, the avatar images must be related to the character.

Shoutbox is really easy to sign up for as you just need to make a username and password. Please make the username either something that is related to your character, or some username or nickname you like. Do not make it a canon character that you haven't claimed or the name of someone else's character.

Dead Sands / Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: November 17, 2015, 07:45:42 pm »
Gaige quickly took a chance to recover and dive behind a car. Her shield was nearly depleted.
"What the... Zer0 is that you?"

Rules and Information / Time and Setting
« on: November 17, 2015, 07:43:44 pm »
I may have already stated this before but just to clarify, this forum takes place DURING the events of Borderlands 2. Many of the characters are still alive. That means all the available characters are available. You can use any character from Borderlands 1, Borderlands the Presequal, and Tales from the Borderlands if they are alive. In the case of Tale from the Borderlands, if you wanted to play a character that dies in that game but hasn't died in Borderlands 2, then its fine.

Dead Sands / Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: November 14, 2015, 10:41:59 pm »
Gaige's eyes lit up as she quickly began to collect the Eridium.
"Hellloooooo precious." She said almost in disbelief. Gaige turned around at the sound of more technicals and saw that Deathtrap was in the way. Before she could speak, Deathtrap's timer reached 0 as she pixelized once more in disappeared, however, the technical still slammed into the back of the van sending Gaige off of it and landing hard on the hood of her own vehicle.

Dead Sands / Re: Haiku's and Steel
« on: November 14, 2015, 09:33:37 pm »
The sun was bearing down on a bandit technical sitting on top of a sandy cliff. Sitting on top was a snoozing teenage girl's feet were up and was snoring, quite loudly.Suddenly, her ECHO recorder began to static and play a warning message from the caravan moving through.
"That's my cue!" She said waking up. Turning the technical on, she stomped on the gas sending the vehicle off the cliff towards the road to where, as expected, the caravan and the two guarding vehicles were. She rammed the first guard technical at a full speed sending it flipping off the road. The second vehicle began to open fire at Gaige's as she quickly hopped out. She hid behind her burning vehicle (which was blocking the path of the caravan) and rose her robotic arm in the air summoning a large mech. It immediately flew up and began to fire electricity, heat lasers at the vehicle while taking swipes at it. In a few seconds the second technical erupted in flames sending bandits left and right. "I love you bot!" Gaige shouted out in victory. The driver of the van quickly surrendered everything he was carrying as Gaige hopped up on top and began to loot whatever valuables were in the chests.

Rules and Information / *HELPFUL* Map of Pandora
« on: November 11, 2015, 09:20:49 pm »

Charactes / Claimed Canon Characters
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:38:22 am »
*Biographies do not go in this thread*
The following character's have been claimed by someone already. There are hundred's of other characters to claim so don't get discouraged! If you have one in mind, ask an admin before claiming him or her! Please do not make a duplicate character. (For now hold off on vault hunters, and Handsome Jack. You may post below if you are interested in claiming a canon character or PM an admin. If we see someone worthy of those tittles we will offer them)



Mad Moxxi

Tiny Tina

Handsome Jack

Charactes / Rules of Character Creation
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:33:43 am »
Not many rules about character creation. Be creative with race or kind of character! If you wanted to make a CL4P-TP General Purpose Robot, go for it! A talking bullymong? Sure! A loader? I mean, if you want! They can be a villain or a hero or even just your average joe.

Please do not make a canon character without admin permission. This is to avoid duplicates. There will be a thread listing all of the taken canon characters. PM an admin or post in that thread if you are interested in claiming one. They will approve or deny the request through pm or post. Hold off on playable Vault Hunters for now.

The biographies can be structured however you like it. Remember, you do not need to follow Borderlands canon completely! You can even have your own small head canons for your canon characters. Just don't go too far with it.

Canon character's aren't required to have a bio but if you want to write one, go right ahead!

Your avatar image (the one that appears on the left under your name) should you choose to use one, should be a picture of something related to your OC. This is to also avoid some confusions. For example, Gaige's avatar is a picture of Gaige.

We want to encourage as much creativity as possible. Therefore, we will not be checking characters before they are allowed the post. Maybe some people aren't as strong when it comes to making a character bio. It's unfair to not allow them to participate because of that.

Pre-established relationships are for you all to decide between yourselves. Both parties need to be aware and be okay with them knowing each other. If a canon character is unclaimed, try to stay away from making a relationship with them unless it's confirmed in the game. (for example Roland and Lilith definitely know each other). Remember though, you could build relationships when both characters are controlled by people.
*(Characters are more fun when they are not perfect  ;D)

Rules and Information / Getting Things Started
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:18:06 am »
We recommend before making an account, that you take a look around the site and check out some threads. If you are ready to make/claim a character, take a look at some of the other biographies to maybe get some ideas.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the shoutbox at the bottom of the page or PM and admin.

Also, if you just wanna chat, the shoutbox can be used as a great place to make new friends and meet the community here!

Remember, this forum takes place during Borderlands 2.

Rules and Information / Rules About Combat and Threads
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:15:44 am »
The way the site runs can be confusing at first but with some practice, you'll be off your hooves, or feet, or whatever you have in no time!

So every topic is a separate scene. Think about it like a movie. When your character leaves the scene to go to another, you have to leave the thread you are currently in and make or join a new one. Your character may only be in one thread at a time!

No godmodding. There are rules on how you fight or interact. You can only write actions for your own OC unless you have permission from the other user. That means if Gaige wanted to punch another OC, she would have to write:

Gaige made a fist and took a swing at Billy.

(Then in a separate post Billy would decide whether it hit his OC or not write:)

Billy wasn't paying attention as suddenly he was hit by the fist.

Be as creative as you want with HOW you write it. Just keep things fair and reasonable.

Rules and Information / Frequently Asked Questions
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:09:21 am »
Frequently Asked Questions

OOC? IC? NPC? Arc? What does all this mean?
We often use words that may be unfamiliar to new users. Here are some of the most common ones defined. If the one you’re wondering about isn’t listed, don’t be afraid to ask!
OOC: Out Of Character
IC: In Character
OC: Original Character (as opposed to a canon one)
NPC: Non-Player Character. These are characters most commonly used in arcs, that are controlled by the GM and cannot be controlled by arc participants.
GM: Game Master. Also sometimes referred to as the DM (Dungeon Master) this is the person that writes and “leads” an arc.
PM: Personal Message
RP: Role Play
Arc: An arc is a forum-wide story that often includes many characters and threads. They are led by a person or a group of people that generally direct the threads and decide on the outcomes of certain actions.

When does this forum take place?
During Borderlands 2. We are assuming Handsome Jack is still alive and Sanctuary is currently in the air already.

How do I claim a canon character?
Message an admin (Gaige ) with what character you’d like to claim.

How many canon characters can I claim?
Currently, users may only claim one canon character. This is so we can learn a bit more about your roleplaying style first, while still keeping other canon characters available for other users. This may change in the future.

Okay, I’ve claimed a character or created an OC. Now what?
Make an account for them. If it's an OC, don't forget to put up a bio! Bios are optional for canon characters. All characters need their own account, whether canon or an OC. The name of the account must be the same as the name of the character. This is to avoid confusion as to what character people are roleplaying with.

I’ve created an account and written a bio, now I want to start roleplaying! How do I do that?
Pick a thread or create your own. Don’t be shy about joining a thread if you are new. If the thread is private it will be labelled, otherwise, anyone is welcome to join- the more the merrier! To create a thread, select a location where you’d like it to take place. Then click the “New Topic” button in the upper right-hand corner, give it a title and start posting! To post in a thread, select the one you’d like to join, and click “Reply”, also in the upper right-hand corner. If it takes you awhile to write a post, it’s often wise to copy your post before you try and submit it, in case the forum has logged you out.

No one is joining my thread! Can I roleplay with myself as I wait? What about bumping?
It can be difficult to be patient for someone to join your thread. Self-roleplaying is perfectly acceptable as long as you are only controlling your own character. “Bumping”, when a user posts in order to put their thread at the top of the list, is also acceptable, as long as each new post you make has some substance, as opposed to the word “bump”. This keeps threads a bit neater.

Can my character be in multiple threads at once?
No. If you'd like to join another thread, you must roleplay that your character is leaving the current one. This is as simple as specifying that your character is walking away, has already left, gets on a train, etc. After your character has left the thread you can join a new one.

What can I use for my avatar? Do I have to have one?
You do not have to have an avatar, though it can be useful to show what your character looks like. You may use anything for your avatar as long as it related to your character in some way, such as your character themselves, their accessory, etc.

How do I PM?
Hover over the “My Messages” tab at the top of the page, and select “Send a message” from the dropdown menu. Enter the name of the user you’re sending it to (typing a few characters in the box will bring up all the names that start with those characters), and write your message! Like posts, if it takes you awhile, it’s often wise to copy your message before you try and send it, in case the forum has logged you out.

What is the Shoutbox? How do I use it?
The Shoutbox is the box at the bottom of the page, where users can talk to each other. It is very useful for introducing yourself or OOC chatting. You can either type in a username to use as a guest, or register your username. If there is a username or character name you will be using often, it’s smart to register it so people cannot impersonate you. To use a guest username, type it in the top box and press “Save”. To register one, click the “Sign In” button in the upper right-hand corner of the box, and then click “Create an account”. Please note that the Shoutbox is not connected to the forum; your forum username and password will not work for signing into the Shoutbox. You must make an account first.

I still have questions! Who should I go to?
Message an admin (Gaige), or, if you’d like a quicker answer, ask it in the Shoutbox and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

How mature is the content on this site?
We have no limits or rating for this site. Go nuts with whatever but add a warning above the thread if you plan to do something that is not suited for work related or intensely gory (normal fighting blood and gore don't require any warning).

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