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Twist Kelly:
Twist fast traveled into the centre of town, holding onto a large Jakobs rifle. "Ugh, that was a pain. Next time, I think I'll use Shiela. Stupid bullymongs..." He grumbled as he put away his rifle and started to walk towards the bounty board. "But, it was something to keep me occupied at least. And it paid quite well too." Twist pulled out a blood covered satchel. "I don't quite understand who would want 50 Bullying toenails, though. Maybe some weird fetish?" Twist turned in the job,  and collected his $1500 reward. "Now, do I head up to Moxxi's for a schooner, or should I take another job from the board?" Twist pondered, shifting his footing. "I am quite what the hell. A couple of drinks couldn't hurt." With that, Twist turned and walked to Moxxi's, where he sat down at the bar and ordered a schooner.

Mad Moxxi:
"Here you go dear." Moxxi replied in her usually seductive tone as she eyed Twist down. "You aren't from Pandora are you."

Twist Kelly:
"Na mate. I was born on Elpis. Came down to Pandora after the Lost Legion came a-knocking." Twist said with a smirk. Taking a sip of his beer, he sighed and reminisced. "Glad I left too. I heard things got pretty hairy between Handsome Jack and the Lost Legion for a while there."

Mad Moxxi:
Moxxi leaned forward on the bar table. "Have you been living in Sanctuary?"

Twist Kelly:
"I don't have any accomidation in Sanctuary per-se, but there is a pretty comfortable pile of trash where I've been crashing near Scooter's place." Twist said, taking a long swig afterwards. "I don't spend enough time in Sanctuary to invest in a proper home anyway. I'm usually out on jobs, keeping myself busy."


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